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short vowels
Workout Sessions
with Short Vowels



Silent E

Workout Sessions
with Silent E





Long Vowels

Workout Sessions
with Long Vowel






Workout Sessions
with R-Controlled





Book 5

au, aw, ea, oi, oo, ou, ow, oy

Workout Sessions
with More Vowel Teams



Our 5 Book Combo Special

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Workout Session with Short Vowels

Workout Session with Silent E

Workout Session with Long Vowels

Workout Sessions with R-Controlled Vowels

Workout Sessions with Vowel Teams


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The Complete
5 Book Series

 Workout Sessions with:

Short Vowels

Silent E

Long Vowel Teams

R-Controlled Vowels

More Vowel Teams

The Book of Phonics Games


Introducing our newest addition to the series,
The Reading Gym
Book of Phonics Games

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"Short Vowels"
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