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   Through my many years of experience as a reading teacher, I know the importance of rhyming as a reading readiness skill. Young children enjoy and benefit from listening to pleasing rhyming patterns. Those who struggle with early phonics lessons usually have difficulty discerning and creating pairs of rhyming words. I wrote Looking for Color Rhymes to help emergent readers practice this very essential skill.

   Looking for Color Rhymes was a unique venture. I enlisted ten enthusiastic children to be part of my project. I dubbed them “The Color Rhyme Kids” and they were each given a color and an assignment. Their task was to find four items to rhyme with their color name.  The vibrant photos illustrate each of their discoveries. The rhyming objects are all prominently placed in the pictures to make it easier for the young listeners to fill in the correct rhyme. I hope you all enjoy Looking for Color Rhymes!  

Deborah Finger



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The Color Rhyming Kids Comments


Amelia (brown)
I am a cheerleader and a competitive gymnast. My favorite thing in the world is my puppy JoJo. I enjoyed being in the book. I am glad that this book will help kids to read. The green girl is my cute little sister. 


Caley (green)
I love playing sports and writing short stories. The Riverman by Aaron Stammer is currently my favorite book. This project was so fun and I liked the idea that it would help other kids to read. I loved the brown girl in the wedding gown because she is my sister (sshhh, don't tell anyone).


Amanda (pink)
I love singing and performing songs from Matilda the musical.  I also love to watch WWE wrestling with my brother, Ryan and cuddling with my dog, Lexi. 


Kali (purple)
My favorite colors are pink and gold. I really enjoy reading Rainbow Magic chapter books . I love gymnastics, dogs, playing basketball and most of all playing with my friends! 


Madison (blue)
I love to play basketball and just about anything that involves running.  I also love to play with my Shopkins. 


Lily (black)
I am all about music! I play the clarinet and I’m always in the school musical. My favorite band – Fall Out Boy. I also love Italian food my older sister and my cat, dog and fish."


Nicholas (red)
I play the saxophone and clarinet.  I enjoy swimming and tennis. My favorite movies are Star Wars and Percy Jackson. I love to read! 


Sebastian (yellow)
Although I’m pictured with a cello in the book, I really play the violin and viola.  I enjoy tennis and I love hiking on trails.  My favorite movies are Star Wars and Harry Potter.  I also love to read! 


Preston (orange)
I love building with Legos. I even formed “The Lego Club” with my classmates. We get together and build Lego models. I also love to swim. I am a level four swimmer in The American Red Cross swimming and water safety program. Looking for Color Rhymes was fun because I love to explore. At Sugar Pond I go on hikes with the guides who run the nature program.


Ryan (white)
I’m all about hockey!  It’s my favorite sport and The New York Rangers are my favorite team.  I also love to play with Minecraft figures. 







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