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The Reading Gym series has proven to be an invaluable reading fluency tool to both teachers and parents as it provides comprehensive phonics lists for leveled phonics practice and segmented sentences to build fluency and improve comprehension.

The Reading Gym differs from other programs on the market because each vowel sound is presented in a manner totally isolated from the others, so that students can focus solely on the phonics sounds with which they are having difficulty.

In order to inspire and motivate
students to keep returning to the books to practice phonics skills, each book is presented as a "gym" where kids can go to "work out" to build reading muscles. The books contain "membership" ID cards for students to present when they go for their "work out".

In addition
, because of their unique organization, these "work out" books and phonics materials can be used alone, or as an adjunct to any other reading fluency program (e.g. Orton-Gillingham style, linguistic, phonetically controlled or basal).


"My small skills groups LOVE working out with phonics lists from The Reading Gym.” - Teacher, Grade 2

I REALLY like how the authors provide two of the same sentences, with the first one broken into phrases. I have never seen that before. LOVE IT!”Resource Room Teacher

These reading fluency books are extremely well organized and easy to use.”Reading Specialist

Can we please go to The Reading Gym today?” - Student – Grade 1

I love the title, the muscle analogy and the membership ID card. The students are motivated when it is presented to them in this fun way. It helps them to understand that you have to work out in order to get stronger and improve reading fluency.” – Reading Specialist

Great to use as a supplement to go along with the Orton Program for additional phonics practice.”Reading Specialist

I especially like the format and the segmented sentences section.” - Teacher, Grade 3

“LOVE the easy-to-find phonics lists offering so much leveled phonics practice that my students’ reading fluency skills are improving every day.”  - Reading Strategy Specialist, Grade 1

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